Why Spring Is A Good Time To Fix Damaged Windows

There are some times when it is obvious that a window or door need urgently replacing, with some kind of domestic calamity or act of criminality leaving you with a lot of broken glass, a big draught and a lack of home security.

However, there can be other times when the damage is a little less extreme. It might be a crack, a weakened window frame, or damage to the sealant along the edge that lets a draught in.

While winter might be the time when a problem allows the cold in the most, spring is when the lighter days can make any problems much easier to spot with your own eyes. Moreover, having window glass repair work undertaken, especially the full replacement of windows, is much easier to tolerate when the weather is warmer. That’s why now is a good time to do it.

Of course, it is possible to fix some minor damage yourself with a sealant, but there are some kinds of crack where this will not be realistic as they will need to be replaced entirely.

Examples of this include stress cracks, pressure cracks and impact cracks. The latter is likely to have inflicted enough damage at the start to compromise the structure of the window, while the former two are symptoms of growing problems of heat or air pressure imbalances that will cause the crack to widen, ensuring the eventual breaking of the whole window.

Broken seals are not as visible, of course, but the signs of them can be seen easily enough; condensation, draughts and visible distortions can be tell-tale signs.

Of course, with summer coming draughts may not be such an urgent issue, but, to paraphrase the old saying, it is important to fix the window while the sun shines. That way, what you have done now will help keep your home safer and warmer when the cold weather returns next autumn and winter.