Can A Hairdryer Really Remove Moisture From Double Glazing?

During the cold winter months or particularly bitter storms, you might have noticed condensation building up at the bottom of your window frames.

It’s one of the more subtle and charming signs of winter and is also a sign that your double glazing is working effectively.

The process of condensation, when water vapour in the cold winter air hits a warmer surface such as double glazing successfully keeping the heat in, but it can be annoying and potentially harmful, and if it appears between the different panes could be a sign you need window glass repair.

However, getting rid of condensation itself is as simple as opening the window to increase ventilation, reducing the temperature of the glass and lowering the chance of condensation.

If you, for whatever reason, do not really like the idea of keeping the window open during an especially cold day, there are a range of other solutions that will get your window clear in no time at all.

Turning on a hairdryer and waving it over the window will dry the condensation and get rid of it, but this is very much a short term solution, and if you have regular and significant issues with condensation, it may be worth investing in a dehumidifier, which can extract the excess water in the air and keep your room dry.

For certain rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is common, an extractor fan can be an effective investment to draw steam and heat away from the windows.

However, if you are regularly getting condensation between the two window panes, that can mean one of two issues has occurred with your window.

Either the window seal has developed a crack and allowed the moisture to get in between the panels, or the seals have failed entirely. At this point, the best step to take is to ask a specialist in double glazing to see if the window itself can be saved.