Why Now Is The Best Time To Repair Your Conservatory

Having a Conservatory is something many householders love, with summer being a particularly good time to enjoy it. With all the sunshine pouring through the windows and glass roof, it will have been a great place to be on summer afternoons and any plants residing in it should have thrived in such conditions.

Now the weather is somewhat wetter and summer is morphing into autumn, it is definitely time to look at whether you need some conservatory repairs. There are many reasons why this is the best time of year to do so. 

Firstly, there is the fact that if there any problems, either with windows, doors frames or the roof, it is a good idea to act now to avoid falling foul of the elements as it gets colder. The last thing you want is chilly draughts getting in or window cracks widening and breaking over winter, especially as this will impact on your home and make it colder just as fuel bills are rising

Another reason may be because the summer itself could have brought some damage. Writing for Wales Online, legal expert Sarah Dodd has warned that if there are more dry summers, there could be increased issues with subsidence. While she focused on the insurance implications of this, it is worth noting that dry conditions can cause soil shrinkage and subsidence, damaging properties.

A month ago, Which? published an article listing errors that can cause a conservatory to overheat in summer. This included a lack of vents or measures to improve airflow. That means it could be wise to install such fixtures over the coming months so that the same problem does not recur next summer.

Indeed, it is worth noting that the best reason to carry out work now is not just to ensure everything is in good condition before winter, but because any problems you have had will be fresh in the memory.

By fixing them now, you can have everything addressed in good time before the warmer days of spring and summer 2023 come around.