Is Your Conservatory Ready For Winter?

Your conservatory is a relaxing and pleasant place to sit in the warmer months, but what about during the wintertime? At this time of year, older conservatories in particular can become uninviting and chilly places. However, a well-maintained conservatory needn’t remain unused at this time of year. Here are some tips to keep it comfortable.


Inspect the roof

People often don’t bother inspecting the roof of the conservatory because it is a difficult place to access, and more hazardous than a regular roof. However, they are prone to slipped panels, sealant failures, loose glazing bars, and gutter problems. This can all lead to a leaky, draughty conservatory.

If you haven’t had the roof checked in a while, it’s worth having it inspected by qualified professionals who will often be able to fix problems without the expense of replacing the whole roof. Look for a free no obligation service, rather than a sales-based firm.


Inspect the frames

Older conservatories often develop gaps in the framing. Check them for signs of cracking or rotting. Smaller gaps can be fixed with draught-proofing tape, which is simple and inexpensive to install. It’s worth putting it around all the window and door frames in the winter, to conserve energy and reduce your heating bills.

More seriously damaged or weathered frames may need replacing.


Check the glass

If the glass is misted between the panes of double-glazed windows, then this is a sign that the sealant needs repairing, because it is letting in drops of moisture. If it is just one or two glazed units that are affected, then look for a company that specialises in resealing windows, without the need to replace the whole frame.

If the problem is more widespread and the windows are over 10 years old, it may be worth having the windows fully replaced with new and more thermally efficient glazing.