Common UPVC Door Issues & How To Repair Them

When it comes to internal and external doors, uPVC is a great choice of material, because it’s durable, low maintenance and offers high safety and security standards, as well as making your home more energy-efficient through very effective insulation.

However, no matter how good or well-performing a material is, wear and tear is inevitable over time, so it’s a wise idea to familiarise yourself with some of the more common issues that you could experience with uPVC to allow you to take the right course of corrective action. Here are some problems you could experience in the future.


Misaligning locks

When the locks in your door are misaligned, you are likely to find it hard to lock or unlock the door because the mechanism isn’t matching with the doorframe. You may be able to repair this yourself by loosening the fixings on the inside of the frame with a screwdriver and then repositioning them so they meet the lock.


Broken locks

Doors are particularly hard-working parts of the house and, over time, your lock may well snap and shear off through regular use. Keep your locks at home in good working order with something like WD40, as well as making sure you’re not using excessive force when lifting the handle on the door.



If the door meets at the top and bottom of the door frame but not in the middle, it’s likely that the door itself has warped – and in this instance, it may need to be replaced. However, if it meets at the top but you have a gap at the bottom, or meets at the bottom and you have a gap at the top, you could see if adjusting the hinges pulse it back into place, but gaps are usually caused by a bigger problem, not usually just the hinges, that’s where a Windowgeek can help, with our full door services and door repairs services. We can get your door working, usually better than when it was new.


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