Feeling Breezy As Temperatures Plummet?

Autumn has very much arrived in the UK, as weather experts predicted plenty of windy and wet weather heading into October. 

Therefore, now is the time to really test the quality of your double-glazed windows to see whether you can feel a breeze inside the house, even when they are closed.

A spokesperson from the Met Office has revealed: “Cool and unsettled weather is expected throughout this week across the UK.”

This forecast might be quite conservative, however, as some experts anticipate a cold front could see temperatures drop to -2C in some parts of the country. 

Alexander Burkill, senior operational meteorologist at the Met Office, told The Mirror: “Temperatures in prone rural spots are likely to dip a little below freezing.”

Tydrum in Scotland has already seen freezing temperatures, with the mercury falling to -0.2C on Friday (September 23rd). 

Mr Burkill stated this is a result of northerly air moving in, bringing rain and strong winds. 

This is a big contrast to the temperatures of late, which have hovered around the mid-teens for the last couple of weeks. Consequently, residents will definitely feel the chill in the air, especially if their windows are not completely air tight. 

If there is a fault with the double glazing, such as damage to the seal between the two panes of glass, the window will be unable to prevent the flow of air from the outside coming in, and vice versa, as effectively. It might be that the window needs resealing, or if the fault is too problematic, the windows might need replacing. 


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