Why Now Is The Time To Check Your Windows

For some people, autumn is a favourite time of year. Whether it is relief from the perils of sunburn and hayfever, the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night or just the beauty of the seasonal colours, many love this season.

However, it is also a very important time to carry out practical checks around the home to ensure it is ready for winter, not least with your windows.

A bit of a draught may not have been a problem during a baking hot summer, but with winter approaching it certainly will be in the months ahead. Moreover, if you need window glass replacement work carrying out, it is best to do it now instead of in mid-winter, when it would let a load of freezing air into your home. 

Sometimes a draught can come from a crack, but often a seal failure is the cause, which does not mean a full pane replacement but does require action. Failing seals can also allow moisture in from outside.

Cracks or chips are another matter. Moisture from rain or snow followed by freezing temperatures can see ice forcing cracks open, which lets in more cold air, makes the crack larger and can eventually break a window. In this case, you certainly need to replace the pane.

Other problems can arise from issues with the window frames, such as rotting wood caused by excess damp, while minor chips and scratches can be buffed out. While not ruinous in the manner of a large crack, they are unsightly.

With energy bills so much higher this year, nobody wants to face even greater costs than necessary. Home energy efficiency measures can go some way towards easing the impact of these, but that must include having windows that function optimally as much as any new insulation or other elements that you might add in your home.