Why Is It Noisy When My Windows Are Closed?

After the intense heatwave that enveloped the UK lately, it is likely homeowners spent most of the time with their windows as wide open as they could possibly get. However, if you noticed that it was just as noisy with the windows open as it normally is when they’re closed, you might have a problem on your hands.

Earlier this week, the Met Office confirmed the highest temperature on record was felt in Lincolnshire, where the mercury reached 40.3 degrees C. With weather like this, it is not the season to really be noticing whether your double-glazed windows are working or not.

However, one sign they are failing is if you are able to hear a lot of noise through them, even when they are closed.

Most people look out for signs such as leaks when it rains, condensation between the panes of glass, and draughts during periods when it is cold outside. In fact, according to a survey by Which?, 14 per cent of homeowners who reported problems with their double glazing said they had noticed glass steaming up.

These are all much harder to pick up on during the summertime; however, a larger proportion spotted other issues that are not weather-dependent. For instance, 30 per cent said windows or doors had become difficult to open or close; 20 per cent claimed theirs were drooping over time; and 15 per cent noticed their locks and hinges had stopped working.

The most likely reason for noisy windows when they are closed, is that window hinges become worn over time, and occupants can sometimes find it difficult to close an opening window properly or be left with large gaps either top, bottom, or left and right hand sides. This is a problem that can easily be fixed by having the window hinges replaced, however, never attempt this type of repair on your own, as it is usually a specialized job.

It is a good idea to look out for this and other types of problems and seek the advice of a specialist that carries out Window and door repairs in Warrington before the winter months when the issue becomes much more urgent.