Why Does My Double Glazing Get Condensation On The Outside?

We’ve had some lovely weather over the last few months but it’s certainly fair to say that there’s a rather autumnal feel in the air now.

While the changing of the seasons is always nice to see, it does mean that we need to start thinking about ensuring that our homes are fully equipped to handle whatever inclement weather is likely to come our way over the next few months.

It’s possible that you’ll start to see condensation forming on both the inside and outside of your windows at this time of year and, while this may not always be a cause for concern, it can be an indication that you have a problem of some kind with your glazing.

If you see condensation on the outside of your windows, rejoice! This means there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, external condensation is a positive thing, as it means that your windows aren’t allowing any heat transfer, so your home’s insulation is proving effective.

However, if you see condensation on the inside of your windows, a replacement glass unit may well be necessary. Interior condensation could be because the humidity levels in your home have risen and you have a problem with your ventilation, it could usually be down to a breakdown of the seal that sandwiches your two pieces of glass together to form the double glazed unit.

Take a good look at your windows and see if you can spot any signs of damp around the windows or condensation inside your double glazing. If you find any, you’ll likely need to call out a professional to reseal or replace the units. If you do decide you need help with misted window repair, get in touch with the Window Geeks team today.