What is Lock Snapping and How Can You Prevent it?

Locks are an essential feature for the security of our homes, whether they are on the front door or back, patio doors, and windows. But not all locks are created equal, and some can be picked or forced open more easily than others.

One method favoured by burglars is lock snapping. It is a method used on certain cylindrical euro-style locks, which breaks them in two, exposing the mechanism, allowing the intruder to lever open the door. No one wants to find a burglar in their home, so we have a look at lock snapping and what you can do to parent it.


How Common is Lock Snapping?

Thanks to the introduction of new, snap-resident locks, lock snapping is not as common as it once was. However, there are still plenty of older and vulnerable locks around, and lock snapping is still a common method used by burglars.

So why is lock-snapping still such an attractive method of entry for would-be intruders?

Lock snapping is fast. For a burglar, every second counts, as the longer it takes to break into a property, the higher the risk of being caught. Lock snapping takes seconds.

Lock snapping is easy. It does not require any specific training or a special set of skills or equipment. All it needs is a suitable tool and brute force.

Lock Snapping is Discrete. Unlike breaking a window, or smashing through a door, lock snapping is discrete. It doesn’t create much noise and leaves little forensic evidence.


Is Your Door Lock at Risk of Being Snapped?

The euro cylinder is currently the most popular style of lock in the UK. If you have a uPVC door, the chances are high that it’s equipped with a euro cylinder style lock. This is because it’s difficult to fit any other sort of lock into the material. Unfortunately, this makes life pretty easy for burglars, who can see at a distance which locks they will or will not be able to snap.

However uPVC doors aren’t the only type of door to be fitted with euro cylinders. Some timber and aluminium doors also come equipped with this style of lock – specifically those found on older patio doors.


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