How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm In The Winter

Conservatories have proven to be a god-send over the last few years, especially during the lockdown, as they allowed homeowners to feel closer to nature, as well as providing space filled with light to kick back and relax.

However, during winter, a conservatory can become cold, and be somewhat of an abandoned space. With the latest government guidance asking for a return to working from home, you might want to set up an office in the conservatory, so we have a look at some ways to ensure the space is warm and the cold is locked out.

Double glazing

Glass is a poor insulator, and will not keep the space as warm as brickwork can. But installing double glazing, or getting your current double glazing repaired can help keep the space warmer.

Replacing all of the glass in your conservatory is likely to be quite expensive, but if you have an older conservatory or extension it may be wise to investigate the cost of upgrading, particularly if you enjoy spending time in there.

Reduce draughts

Draughts are annoying and can impact how we enjoy the conservatory. Ensure that all doors and windows have adequate draught-proofing to help maintain a comfortable temperature.

If you are considering building a new conservatory, be sure to have it fitted by a professional so that heat isn’t lost through bad joints and seals due to shoddy workmanship.

Insulate the roof

The older the conservatory, the more likely it is that it has a polycarbonate roof, which sadly offers little in the way of insulation, and is a major contributor to the chilly temperatures in the conservatory.

Though it can be an expensive job, replacing your existing roof with a new insulated one, can and will be worth the time money and effort.

If you’re looking for conservatory roof repairs, talk to us today.