Do My Windows Need Replacing This Summer?

It can be easier to determine whether double-glazed windows need to be replaced during the wintertime, thanks to the constant flow of cold air from the outside. However, detecting a failure in your windows can be tricker in the summer. Here are a few tips on how to figure out whether your double-glazing has passed its best.


  • Leaking water

British summers are never without heavy showers, so make the most of a rainy day by taking a look at your windows to check if they are leaking. If there is water appearing on the inside of the window frames, this could mean the seal is not working effectively.


  • Condensation

Similarly, if you see condensation in between the two panes of glass, this indicates there is a leak in the gas here, which is designed to stop air travelling from the outside in and vice versa.

While this is more often seen during the winter when it is colder outside than inside, it can still be spotted on a cold summer’s day.


  • Cracked glass

If you notice there are cracks, scratches, or chips on your window, this is a red flag there could be serious damage to the glass.

You might be able to get these repaired. However, if the damage is too deep, they could negate the function of the double glazing, meaning you’ll start to feel a draught coming through the window when it gets cold again.


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