Google Review

First can I say the guy who did the window work was professional and capable. The girl in the office was also good to deal with. My concern is about getting price information. When arranging appt with their office for a jammed lock on double glazed window I was told around £55 (same as two other approx quotes). However when they arrived the price became £95. It was a straight forward job and about 15 mins work. I spoke to the boss of this Window Geeks and he could not seem to appreciate that I felt a bit misled and he tried to blame girl in the office which was unfair and would not take on my suggestion of a basic price list.
!! UPDATE 16/03/21 – following delayed reply below which was explained by owner. It is good to get a response and he accepts some positive comments were made by me in the review. However, a couple of corrections to the business reply – I was not offered a substantial discount on future work as it was a minimal few pounds off. Secondly, I have made several positive reviews on other businesses who provided a professional service so this attempt to undermine my review speaks volumes in itself. My original review explains clearly why I felt misled on pricing so cannot understand the points made about fixed pricing. The lack of it at the time I used this service was the major issue I raised! Anyway, time for both of us to move forward and focus on the pandemic unlocking of the country.