Why do I get condensation inside my glazing?

It can be so frustrating… It can spoil your outlook on your world outside. It can make a sunny day feel wet.. It’s the dreaded misted up glazing problem, where you think your double glazing just requires a quick wipe, but really the problem resides on the inside of your glass panes.

Misted up double glazing is caused when the seal around the two panes of sealed glass begins to breakdown over the years. This in turn lets any rain water which is able to get between the frame and the glass to enter the cavity in between the glass panes.

condensation inside glass panes

When the sun comes out, it attempts to evaporate the water but because the moisture is stuck and has no-where to go, it sticks to the inside of the glass making an unsightly water stain inside your double glazing.


Is there a way to remove condensation from inside the glass ?

Unfortunately once a glass seal breaks down it is difficult to attempt a repair. Some companies used to attempt to drill a hole through one of the glass panes and attempt to ‘suck out’ any water ingress, then flush it, fill it with air and re-seal it again, but this doesn’t fix the problem with the breakdown of the seal around the unit, and you may have the same problem back again within just 12 months.

Is there an alternative to repairing condensation in between my glass panes?

With the price of glass quite low at the moment, it’s actually possible to replace your entire glass unit for usually a lot cheaper than the labour involved in attempting a ‘temporary repair’ to your condensation or misted up windows problem.

By choosing Windowgeeks, we can replace an entire sealed double glazed unit for as little as £40 including vat, fitting, plus a generous 10 year guarantee. In return you get a brand new double glazed unit copied to the exact specification of your old unit, and making your outlook fresh again.

Whats more we offer no obligation quotes for your replacement glass units, & free safe removal of your old glass units.

We cover any WA postcode in the Cheshire region of the UK, including Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, St Helens and surrounding areas.

So if you have condensation in between your glass panes that you want to get rid of; safely and effectively, then give us a call on 0800 5 118 887 to book your free quote today. Or use the easy contact for HERE.