Discover Our Window Resealing Services In Warrington

Air and dampness coming in from outside can cause your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living areas to feel cold during the days and night. The place for cold air gaining entry into the home is usually through the sides of your windows.

A lot of windows companies never actually fitted windows properly by not correctly ‘foaming’ the cavities between the window frame and the brickwork, so leaving the sides of the windows only protected by a thin strip of silicone sealant.

The setup of the windows across your property will be designed to bring as much natural light in while keeping coldness at bay. However, over time this can become a problem as the sealant wears away or grows mould, the frame’s sealant starts to fall away or window issues stop you properly shutting or locking your window.

At Windowgeeks we are on hand to offer you window resealing services in Warrington that will provide you with the most cost-effective solution to these common window ailments. We can also strip down old silicone and foam the cavities properly for you; making your house warmer again, damp free and provide a neat finish again.

Why choose window resealing services like ours in Warrington?

Many window companies will tell you that cold spots and draughts around your windows will be down to the whole window frame and suggest a costly replacement.

Our job at Windowgeeks is to provide you with a solution to those air leaks which cause your home to feel cold – while we will help to decrease the money you spend heating your home up. Resealing your window frames and each pane with our high-quality products will create an air and waterproof barrier against coldness.

To find out more about our window resealing services in St Helens, make sure you get in contact with us today.