Shop door repairs in Warrington

There’s nothing worse than having your customers or you struggle with a shop door. That’s why we offer shop door repairs in Warrington.  It could be that it doesn’t close properly, is draughty, leaks or wobbles..

Windowgeeks are experts in the repair of most faulty shop and faulty commercial door problems.

Locally based we are ideally placed for Shop door repairs in Warrington and surrounding areas.

Aluminium and upvc Shop & Commercial door repairs

There are various problems that can occur with an aluminium or UPVC  shop door, they can become sticky, they sometimes don’t close correctly, or are too slow or too fast when they close. Maybe they rub at the bottom or catch at the top. Maybe they let cold air in resulting in your staff being cold.

With UPVC doors, sometimes they can stick, the lock can become faulty, a hinge may be damaged or glass or handles needs to be replaced. Just give Windowgeeks a call on 0800 5 118 887 if that’s the case, as we can also solve most UPVC shop door problems too.

At WindowGeeks, we can provide shop door repairs in Warrington and solve most of these problems without too much fuss for your staff and customers.

An aluminium shop door usually consists of a swing opener which is either held open or slowly closes behind you. Our shop door repairs allow you to change the style of opener so that it doesn’t hold open any more so in Winter months you aren’t left to get up and close it each time.

Maybe you want a door that does stay open, we can arrange that for you too, so that it does..

Local & Trusted

Our small team of local engineers are able to perform a number of tasks on your shop doors, such as supplying and fitting new closers and pivots.

Save money and time by having your shop door repairs carried out by a local Warrington company

From door alignment issues, broken locks and handles through to worn handles, hinges and more, our team at WindowGeeks can help bring back the correct functionality of your shop or office door.

To find out out how we can help with your shop door repairs in Warrington, get in contact with us today.