Invest In Our Toughened Glass Replacements In Widnes

Toughened glass is used for glass that sits lower at any point below 800mm from the floor. It is especially required in doors and conservatories.

At Windowgeeks we are able to offer toughened glass replacements in Widnes at very competitive prices. You will know you need toughened glass as your existing glass pane may have shattered rather than cracked. Maybe your toughened glass has failed and you have condensation in between the 2 panes.

Why choose a toughened glass replacement in Widnes?

It’s not always evident that you need a glass replacement, but there are some indicators that a replacement glass unit from us could be beneficial, such as:

  1. Condensation in between your glass: This is where a double glazing unit has failed and allowed moisture to enter the cavity. We are specialist in replacing these units like for like.
  2. Glass unit has shattered: Toughened glass shatters rather than cracks, maybe a stone has shattered your conservatory or door glass, we often replace units like this in Widnes and surrounding areas.
  3. New window system is too expensive: Some window companies will jump straight to a complete window replacement. This expensive service is only appropriate when a repair is simply not viable, but that’s often not the case. That’s why we prefer to offer a glass replacement service in Widnes so we can fix your existing window and door problems without breaking the bank.

Get in contact with us to discover more about what our small team of ‘Windowgeeks’ can do.