How To Get Rid Of Condensation Between Glass

You may know that condensation on your glass can be annoying, but what are the implications?

If condensation on the surface is allowed to prosper, mould can appear and grow, it also looks unsightly and any drips can affect adjoining plasterwork, sealant or window boards. This subsequent mould can be detrimental to our health and can lead to breathing problems.

This can be helped by wiping down your windows often with a mild bleach solution, but that’s not the only issue that affects glass.

How can I get rid of condensation between the glass?

At Windowgeeks we are accustomed to solving the common yet irritating problems with condensation in between glass. The chilly winters and humid summers across the UK help to produce condensation, and when it finds away inside your glass after a seal breakdown, it can cause condensation to ‘stick’ inside with no-where to go and result in the glass becoming unsightly, cloudy, and not delivering the efficiency that it should…

Condensation between the panes of glass will also drastically reduce the lifespan of your windows and glazing. The unfortunate things is that it’s impossible to get rid condensation inside your glass successfully, so you will probably need to replace them with new double glazed units. But that’s not as expensive as you might think…

Replace just the glass and not the frames

To get rid of condensation between the glass, it’s vital that you speak with a team of experts. At Windowgeeks, our small local team have the experience to replace just your failed double glazed glass instead of your whole window or door frame as well, saving you hundreds of pounds and stress.

Our small team of Windowgeeks cover Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington, St Helens and surrounding areas and provide Free, very competitive ‘no obligation’ quotes to replace your glazed units with new ones with a 10 year anti condensation guarantee.

So, If you are looking to ensure that your windows are performing to the best of their ability through the year and do not become victims of condensation and subsequent heat loss, get in contact with us today.