Our top tips to keep your windows and doors in the best condition

  1. That you carry out routine maintenance on your windows, doors and/or conservatory at least twice a year. In areas of high exposure, you may want to do this more frequently.
  2. All parts of your windows and doors that are exposed when closed, should be washed down with warm soapy water using a soft cloth, then dried thoroughly.
  3. You avoid any cleaning agents that contain ammonia or are abrasive, particularly on handles and other metal fittings.
  4. Special attention is paid to keep drainage channels clear and free from any blockages.
  1. Any parts that are exposed when the window and doors are open should simply be wiped clean, removing any grime, dirt, insect remains or old lubricant.
  2. That you use a suitable acid and resin-free grease on sliding bars, gears and face plates.
  3. Maintenance of friction stays is important and we recommend that you follow the guidelines for lubrication and adjustment.
  4. That you apply light oil to keep the locking mechanism in good working order.

You can view our aftercare brochure by clicking here