Steamed Up Windows

When it comes to replacing steamed-up windows it doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole window. You can potentially save £000s by changing just the glass.

There can be many common problems with windows – they can become steamed-up, locks can stick and handles can become loose. But what’s surprising is that all these problems can be fixed quickly without spending a fortune.

Until a few years ago there was no real alternative than to replace the entire window…You see, many traditional window companies don’t really want to carry out repairs due to the low costs involved and will only offer you a completely new window or door.

With over 40 years’ experience in the glazing industry; WindowGeeks offer you a cost-effective solution via our national network of LOCAL GEEKS; with no pressure sales and can probably save you hundreds of pounds as an alternative to replacing all your double glazing.





Window companies often persuade you to change the whole window or door because a repair isn’t always their most cost effective solution.

But that could cost you hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds. Wherever possible WindowGeeks provide a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to replacing the whole window or door when all that’s required is a new double glazed unit, broken handle, lock or hinge.

We can replace a glazed unit from as little as £30 with a 10-year guarantee. There is no charge for visiting your home to carry out a FREE “without obligation” survey; nor do we impose any minimum order values or credit card charges.

So if you have steamed-up windows, broken handles, hinges or locks, call your local Window Geek for a FREE survey on 0800 5 118 007 or contact your local geek using the online form here.

We strive to repair all common window problems:

  • Steamed-up windows
  • Damaged locks
  • Damaged hinges
  • Damaged handles
  • Damaged and discoloured frames
  • Conservatory roof repairs
  • High-performance glass replacements
  • FREE ‘health check’
  • Guarantees