Conservatory Repairs, Upgrades & Cleaning

It could be time to freshen up your conservatory. Discoloured or grime-encrusted roofs and gutters devalue your home and can ultimately result in leaks.

We can deep clean your conservatory, replace damaged or discoloured polycarbonate or even upgrade it to glass… restoring it to its former glory.

We can fix most common conservatory problems, quickly, easily, and for less than you’d expect.



Many traditional window and door companies often persuade you to change the entire roof because a repair isn’t always their most cost effective solution.

It’s important that the people carrying out any type of repair or deep clean on your conservatory have the relevant experience and expertise…after all…your conservatory cost you a lot of money so don’t risk a repair from an unqualified installer or one that isn’t insured…

Conservatory’s, especially the roofs, get very dirty very quickly, especially if it is situated close to trees…the tree mould quickly attaches itself to the glass or polycarbonate and make your conservatory look dirty and neglected.

It’s common for conservatory roofs to get dirty or damaged…they are very difficult to safely clean, and unless you use the right type of specialist ladders, you not only run the risk of damaging the roof more, but even worse…you could fall through the roof and do yourself serious injury.

WindowGeeks offer you a safe and cost-effective alternative, by allowing us to professionally clean your conservatory roof, gutters, fascia’s and downpipes…

We can also fix conservatory roof leaks, slipped panels, broken end caps, you name it. We can even arrange to upgrade your existing conservatory roof by installing the latest highly insulated lightweight tiled roof and at a very competitive price too.

Don’t forget we offer FREE “without obligation” surveys, and we don’t employ salesmen.

So if you need a conservatory repair, conservatory roof repairs or you may be considering replacing your roof for an all year round tiled conservatory roof, then call your local Window Geek for a FREE survey on 0800 5 118 007 us the contact form here.

We repair all common conservatory problems and faults:

  • Conservatory repairs
  • Conservatory roof repairs
  • Damaged and discoloured frames
  • Steamed-up windows
  • Conservatory leaks fixed
  • Slipped conservatory roof panels
  • Damaged hinges
  • Damaged handles
  • Broken locks
  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Conservatory Valeting
  • FREE ‘health check’
  • Guarantees